Self Care Sunday #2: Benefits of Journaling

Benefits of Journaling

     Journaling as a hobby can be very interesting as it allows for the release of emotions. When you’re journaling, you’re in essence using your pen and paper, or a notepad as a way to let out your inner feelings. There are numerous benefits of journaling as well.

It can be a very useful hobby for everyone but especially for those people who are just today getting into the habit of journaling. So if you are either of these types and have ever wondered as to what are the benefits of journaling, read along and keep finding them out!


1.  Improves Writing Skills:

The biggest and most obvious benefit of journaling is that it can immensely improve your writing skills. Whether it is any traditional kind of publishing or some blog, or maybe a review of some kind of product or service, journaling can, and will, help you with developing your tone and voice.


2.  Track your Goals!

Another benefit of journaling is that you can track your goals with ease. If you are someone who wants to set some goals but simply cannot get that done due to procrastination, journaling might just be the cure to your problem.

When you will write all your long- and short-term goals down, you will be able to focus in a much sharper manner on your life and what tasks do you have to get through in that day or week and what long term goals can you achieve in this month, quarter or year!


3.  Self-Reflection:

The third benefit of journaling is self-reflection. Journaling also allows you to get your inner stress relieved without being judged sharply by anyone in the world. If you think that telling some secret of yours will get you analyzed negatively by someone else, then you might as well take the route of journaling it and writing it down on your phone or on paper.


4.  Improves your Memory:

Want to not forget your best friend’s birthday? Journal it! Do you want to save that number in your phone to later call? Journal it!  Wanna remember all the minute details of some special memory, or maybe you want to plan an event in the future and are figuring out all the details? Just journal it! This benefit of journaling will tremendously improve your memory and at the same time get you through all such issues as well.


5.  Enhance your Creativity:

The benefits of journaling are numerous and they just keep coming! This hobby can easily increase your creativity. You will find yourself giving more attention to even the smaller, but important things of life. You will be expressing your thoughts much more comfortable as well, as your mind would be slowly getting used to considering all the smaller details anything, be it an issue or an opinion, can contain.